03_Thesis Pitch Submit Assignment | Get Quick Solution

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03_Thesis Pitch Submit Assignment | Get Quick Solution
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Thesis Pitch

Please write a four page pitch for your thesis project. Pitch this in a branded pitch format (8.5×11, horizontal in Indesign, exported as a .pdf)

Slide 1: Title of Thesis, Name, Date, Class, Professor Name

Slide 2: Write a minimum of one paragraph introducing this project and explaining you/your career interests and how this project relates to them.

Slide 3: Write out your thesis statement. The first sentence should be in this format: I want X but Y. Then write out a paragraph about the concept/idea that you have and explain the problem that you want to solve and new idea that you want to introduce.

For inspiration, please read article: https://medium.com/marketing-and-entrepreneurship/want-to-become-a-billionaire-solve-i-want-x-but-y-a22bf7bd174b (Links to an external site.)

Slide 4: Estimate your time, budget and what your 5deliverables are. (at least 1 must be digital) Remember that a full first draft is due at midterm, and a finished, working prototype is due by the final.

Things to think about:

  • Can this win any awards? Do a quick search for contests that you could enter this in.
  • Will it look good in Payne Gallery in person and/or online next semester? (TBD)
  • Will it look good in my portfolio?
  • Could this project go viral or get press for being so cool/innovate/interesting? Or will it at least be blogable/instagramable?

Post the .pdf here prior to class. We will criticize these pitches in class. Also, I am assigning peer reviews to this so that you can type comments on the pitches that canvas randomly assigns you. Please comment with feedback on 1 of your classmates pitches on canvas.





Ken Tanabe — his student design thesis called “Loving Day” has become a nationally celebrated diversity event: http://kentanabe.com/organizer


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