1-2 pages + Two comments

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1-2 pages + Two comments
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Dueling opinion editorials (1-2 pages) :

Read the two New York Times’ opinion editorials (OpEds) about impeachment. Consider each in terms of its opinions (if it’s an OpEd, it’s got some), its assumptions, and its facts. For each OpEd select two of the opinions that the author asserts. Are those opinions supported in the essay? If they are supported, what type of support does the author provide: assumptions? facts? both? If an opinion is not supported, what type of support should the author provide? What is the author’s purpose, and what information from the article indicates that? Does the author achieve his purpose? (Note that achieving his purpose may be independent of whether you agree with the author’s point of view.) What do you feel is the purpose of the Times Editorial Board in publishing both articles? Your objective is not to try the impeachment case.

Two comments:

One paragraph each comment with minimum of 5 sentences

Note: The two articles will be provided to you and the info about the two comments


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