1.5-2 Page Reaction Paper | Get Quick Solution

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1.5-2 Page Reaction Paper | Get Quick Solution
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After reading Chapter 3, find one additional resource (must be a journal article) and write a 1.5 to 2 page paper (CANNOT be more than 2 pages at all). Your paper should consist of the following categories:

Critical Literature Assessment: Incorporate a synopsis of the readings.

Personal Reflection: What was your personal reaction to the readings? Consider focusing on one theory discussed. Which one were you more connected to? Why? Make it personal.

Clinical Incorporations: Incorporate clinical implications of the material. As a therapist how does this information matter? How may you incorporate it with clients?

Be sure to label each section prior to starting the paragraphs for each one.

Must be in APA7 format. Revise the citation for the book so that it is for chapter 3. This will be turned in on turnitin.com. NO PLAGIARISM!

Citation for the book – Ivey, A., Ivey, M., Myers, J., & Sweeney, T. (2006).Developmental counseling and therapy: Promoting wellness over the lifespan. Belmont, CA. Wadsorth Press


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