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I’m studying for my Geography class and need an explanation.

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1 page for Geog | Get Quick Solution
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For this assignment you are going to be working on current events in Africa. First you will need to find an article on a topic that relates directly to the textbook. Some examples of topics covered in the textbook:

-Physical geography of Africa (climate, climate change, mountains, rivers, deserts, etc.)

-Jobs based on gender, age, ethnicity, relative wealth

-National parks

-Cradle of humanity

-Urban culture

-types of employment (farmers, fisherman, pastorialists)

-Green Revolution

– HIV/ Aids

As long as your article relates to chapter 4 it is acceptable.

You are to summarize the article in your own words (at least a paragraph or 2). Once you have summarized the article, you need to explain how the article relates directly to a topic covered in chapter 4. Make sure you explain the topic so the reader can understand how the article fits in. You must also include a link to the article.

I am not putting a a minimum length to this assignment. However, I can’t imagine you could cover everything in less than 1 page.


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