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100 words post | Get Quick Solution
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  1. You read about ritmos and musica. What did you learn? Does any of the music that you listen to have Hispanic influence? Why or why not?
  2. Please remember that a discussion board should be treated like a classroom. Your responses should contain information relevant to the prompt, be courteous and avoid language that others may find offensive. This space is somewhat informal, so you do not need to write like an academic paper, but please use proper spelling, capitalization and end punctuation (not text language), so that everyone can understand clearly.
  3. You are required to post your own response, prior to viewing other students’ submissions. Remember the due date on the Blackboard calendar is the day that your initial response is due. Your initial response should be 100-300 words.

Ritmos Y Música En la actualidad (Nowadays) es muy común la colaboración musical entre artistas. En algunos casos, esta colaboración supera (surpasses) fronteras (boundaries) y estilos musicales. Por ejemplo, el cantante (singer) de bachata de origen latino Royce Rojas de Nueva York, conocido con el nombre de Prince Royce, canta y colabora con la cantante mexicana Thalía en su producción “Te perdiste mi amor” (You Lost My Love).


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