15 page research paper for ethics class (outline and sources due today) | Get Quick Solution

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15 page research paper for ethics class (outline and sources due today) | Get Quick Solution
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this is a paper for ethics class, there are 3 parts of this paper with different timelines.

1- today by 11 pm est I only need the topic introduction and the references of 10 peer reviewed sources. (outline)

I want my paper to talk about ethical issues in forensic science.

Write a short summary of the moral or ethical issue that you have decided to investigate for the purpose of a formal research paper and presentation. Remember, this preferably needs to be related to your major and/or chosen career path.

  1. Introduce the topic or issue, and state the main question at hand. If you have a thesis already, include it here.
  2. Create a preliminary outline (remember, it’s for a 15-20 page paper).
  3. Add a reference list of 10 sources that you have found that mainly or primarily address the issue. These should be peer-reviewed and of a scholarly nature.

Part 2: by next week I need the annotated bibliographies

  1. a summary of the text,
  2. an evaluation of the text (it’s significance, etc.)
  3. a reflection on its applicability to your research topic.

With this annotated bibliography the student should also present what they determine their conclusion to the research paper to be.

Final part is the 15 page paper: By next week

Research Paper: The research paper is an original essay in which each student will propose and defend a resolution to an ethical dilemma that arises in their major or chosen profession. This paper will draw on insights from a professional code of ethics and other outside research. The paper should demonstrate awareness of the nature of individual research within a scholarly context appropriate to genre and discipline. It will present persuasive and original reasoning in a justifiable, logical, and creative fashion that is within a scholarly context and presented and documented in a style that meets professional standards. The paper will be at least 15-20 pages in length. All papers will be submitted through TurnItIn to assess any academic dishonesty issues. It is recommended that students submit their paper prior to the due date in order to correct any issues involving citation or plagiarism. This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade.


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