2-3 Page Double Spaced paper on Jack Johnson | Get Quick Solution

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2-3 Page Double Spaced paper on Jack Johnson | Get Quick Solution
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Jack Johnson Essay Assignment

Assignment: Answer the following prompt in a 2-3 page, double-spaced, 12-point font essay. Organize your essay into clear paragraphs with an introduction, body, and conclusion. The purpose of the assignment is for you to demonstrate your ability to critically examine the intersection between sports, race, and American culture.

For this particular essay on Jack Johnson, students must demonstrate that they have completed the reading, watched the documentary, and listened to the lecture.


In 1903, W.E.B. DuBois, wrote, “The problem of the Twentieth Century is the problem of the color line.” How did heavyweight boxer Jack Johnson assault the color line in America? Why was Johnson considered a threat to white supremacy and the social order? In your answer be sure to explain how Johnson’s boxing career helps us understand the significance of race in the early twentieth century.


For quotations and paraphrasing, please cite the pages from Randy Roberts’ essay, “Emperors of Masculinity” and my lecture using parenthetical references at the end of your sentences. For example, if you paraphrase or quote Roberts, you will write (Roberts, “Emperors of Masculinity,” 60); You can also cite Ken Burns’ documentary: (Unforgivable Blackness, PBS documentary, dir. by Ken Burns, 2004).


  • Your essay must be at least two pages long, but no longer than three pages.
  • Your essay must have a thesis statement. A thesis answers the question as specifically as possible.
  • Your introduction paragraph should provide the necessary and relevant background to lead into your argument.
  • Your essay should follow a logical path and have clear paragraphs with strong topic sentences.
  • Your essay must rely on evidence from the reading and lecture. A good essay offers specific examples to support general points.
  • Use quotes judiciously. Quotations can be effective, but overuse diminishes your authority.
  • Do not write sentences that start with “I” or “This essay will . . .” Instead, write in crisp, formal language.
  • Proofread your work! Read your essay out loud to catch mistakes and polish your language.
  • Do not plagiarize. Plagiarism is the use of another person’s words and/or ideas without properly citing the source. Plagiarizing essays will result in an “F” for the essay and possibly the course.


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