2 assignments on basic humanities | Get Quick Solution

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2 assignments on basic humanities | Get Quick Solution
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Activity 7.1 Pre-Thought Three Dimensional Art: Architecture Submit Assignment

Think about a building that you have come in contact with, it doesn’t matter what it is; large or small; magnificent or mundane; recent or in your past.

In about 100-200 words describe why or how that building made an impression on you. If you have a photo and can insert it, that would be great but not required.

Activity 7.2: 3-D Art: Sculpture and Architecture

For this exercise I’d like to revisit Bernini’s The Ecstasy of St. Teresa.

Take a look at the work again and think about the architectural surroundings that Bernini created for the statue.

Describe for me (in about 300 words) the architectural elements and their function in helping us understand/appreciate this work overall work of art.



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