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2 easy responses | Get Quick Solution
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I got 2 responses assignments they are easy and I will provide the text and log in info for one of them where you just have to skim it. For the other one you can just google it since I don’t have the text.

Assignment 1 (you can google it):

This week we talked about a variety of issues pertaining to how relationships are formed and what impacts them. In your chapter “Why is Everyone Afraid of Sex” the author discusses how we have socially created a culture of fear about sexuality. For this assignment I want you to write a short analysis paper (1-page) discussing this piece. What are your thoughts about the argument? Should we change this? How does the culture of fear impact relationships? Include in your analysis a current event or personal example that supports your argument.

Assignment 2: text (chapters 14 & 16): https://www-fulcrum-org.ezproxy.lib.usf.edu/epubs/zc77sq52g?locale=en#/6/2[xhtml00000001]!/4/4/1:0

login Username: ebenavides1

password: 3Choloborder! (capital C)

Instructions: For your fourth activity, I would like you to reflect on all the social, historical, and political processes that we have discussed so far. What do you think has been the most significant to childhood and child development? What institutions do you think are most important in dictating how we think about children? What social change has been the most important in shaping how childhood is today? Please consider these questions and write a 2-3 paragraph reflection, justifying your answer. Please participate in the discussion board so you can generate ideas for what are the three most significant for this period of childhood. This will help you decide overall what is most significant and ensure that you draw strong connections between your argument and the readings. There is no right answer to these questions. You will be graded on your ability to articulate a strong argument and support it.


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