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2 History essays | Get Quick Solution
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I need 2 essays, 2 pages each, you can choose one of 2 topics for each essay

first essay options are :

A. Vietnam War

B. Anti-War/Counterculture Movement

second essay options are :

A. Watergate

B. The War on Terror

please find the attachments for grading rubric


  • You MUST compose one (1) Identification Essay from the two (2) options.
  • You are NOT allowed to use sources other than the assigned material. ( Please find attached book which is, Liberty and Power in America Package Volume 2. )
  • Essays REQUIRE assertions supported with best evidence, paragraphs, proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Your answer MUST be submitted to the Turnitin link as MS-Word file attachment.
  • You MUST use this Sample File: Exam Essay.docx ( Please find it in attachments )
    • In the document:
      • In the header, replace ‘Lname, Fname’ with Your last name and first name.
      • Replace “(A or B)” with your selected essay
      • Replace the Latin ‘dummy text’ with your answer.
      • Replace “Lname” in the page 2 header with your last name.
      • Add citations/page numbers for your citations as needed.


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