2. Introduction to American Politics online course discussion – Do Corporations have the same Free Speech Rights as Persons | Get Quick Solution

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2. Introduction to American Politics online course discussion – Do Corporations have the same Free Speech Rights as Persons | Get Quick Solution
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Please reply to the question and comment constructively on a classmates’ posting.


Q: Issue: “Do Corporations have the same Free Speech Rights as Persons?” SHOULD THEY?

Again, work with each other as you develop your arguments. Seek credible and informative sources online. Discuss this in context of current political issues and recent Supreme Court decisions!

Cite some research, as always.

Here is classmate’s posting from question. Please reply in 1st person point of view.

Classmate’s post

According to Spelliscy. “Counter -majoritarian courts are taking the lead in shoehorning corporations into roles that previously only American citizens occupied. Corporations do not have co-equal constitutional rights as living, breathing human citizens, but they are making claims on more rights that , until relatively recently, were only asserted by real people.”(Spelliscy vol.43, no.2). Supreme court is excusing corporations from a growing list of responsibilities. Corporations could be formed under the general laws only for a limited number of purposes. For example, requires large fixed capital, transportation, banking, and insurance, and mechanical mining and manufacturing enterprises. (Spelliscy, vol.43 no.2), Corporations shouldn’t have the same Free Speech rights as people. Under general incorporation statues, incorporations can file a few administrative papers, pay a few fees to be owner of their corporation.(Spelliscy, vol.43. no. 2). The Supreme Court in very early cases decided that corporations were covered by contract clause of the constitution.(Spelliscy, vol. 43. no. 2). I think corporations can be treated like legal people , IF they have some accountability. According to West. “Corporate America was learning it could downsize its permanent workforce and outsource production to independent contractors or short term workers and avoid paying benefits. They got a hardworking labor force at a fraction of the costs of full time employees. (West. p. 49. 2019).

Work Cited

Spelliscy, Torres, Ciara.”Does “We the People” Include Corporations?” American Bar Association vol. 43, no.2 .

West, Darrell, “Divided Politics Divided Nation.” The Brookings Institution, p. 49. 2019.


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