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reply for each one of them with less than 150 words

1- This week’s diversity/inclusion article will be on the documentary “Living on One Dollar” There are billions of people all over the world living on the equivalency of $1 U.S. weekly or daily. The documentary is based on four friends Chris, Zach, Sean, and Ryan who traveled to Guatemala to experience what it is like to live on one United States dollar per day. They live in the village of Pene Blanco a community of about 300 people. They met families whom they interview and follow their daily life to see how they survive the basic living. This documentary is a great way to help raise awareness of global poverty. Hence, this documentary is a great example of what our text describes as communication and culture interrelated. The film shows that even though people grew up in different parts of the globe communication can make a big difference in how we treat others because it can help us understand other cultures on why and how they do things. As Chris stated in the documentary, its situations that holds people back, not who they are”

2- This article shows many aspects of diversity and how it has affected the head coach employment jobs for african americans in the National football league. “Keep in mind that exposure to diversity does not always lead to greater acceptance and interaction across group boundaries.” (p. 100, diversity consciousness). This quote explains very well what this article was talk about. The NFL made up this rule that whenever there are head coaching jobs open in the NFL, the commissioners/owners are required to hire at least one colored person for an interview. In my opinion, it is pretty sad that there must be a rule set in stone in order for an african american to get a chance at getting this job. Although this rule is in place, barely any of these african americans even get hired for the job anyway due to their skin tone. The article states that over the past 3 years in the NFL, there were 20 head coaching positions opened and only two were filled by black coaches. Diversity is shown in this article, but there is not really any progress with this diversity being spread in this league when it comes to coaching jobs because the outcomes are still the same, more white coaches are hired than that of black. This has been going on for years and sadly there most likely wont be any better change due to society and how owners of these large businesses and football leagues view things in order for them to gain more profit in money.


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