2 responses each 100 words description involves peers forum | Get Quick Solution

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2 responses each 100 words description involves peers forum | Get Quick Solution
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below was the forum which has been completed

If you were opening up your own business, how would you use social media and why? Which platform would you choose (choose one from Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram or another). Why, and how would you use it? Please be as specific as possible in your descriptions. You should refer to your audience and how you would use writing and image to promote your business. We know the power of social media to reach millions of people! What can you do so that you get the clicks, the likes and the shares?

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 200 words. Respond to at least two other students using a minimum of 100 words in each response.

BELOW are the peers forum I need 100 word response

Opening up your own business can be scary enough with all the regulations and other hoops you have to follow through with just to get your doors open. Now insert the need for customers. The people that help make your business thrive. How do you get them? Where do you get them? Where are they coming from? What kind of customers are you trying to reach? When you have the idea for a certain business, then you will need to know who you are selling to. Now comes in social media. For the forum this week I will use the idea of running and owning my own cigar lounge after I retire from the military. I say lounge because I do not want this establishment to be a loud, obnoxious bar or club. I hate both those kind of venues. I would however like to run a peaceful place that people can go to after work, and meet friends, talk, and meet new people. For this to work I will need to reach my cliental somehow. If I had to choose one social media platform I would use twitter. Mostly because besides facebook that is the only other one I use. On that platform you can spread the word of month advertisement scheme. By getting the local news, and travel places to retweet your posts on your new business. You can also get family and friends, and locals to publish about your new place as well. Staying current on the tweets, by updating them daily, and other promotional items you may be having. Also with twitter you can get nationally known people to promote you free of charge if they see what they like, and wouldn’t mind doing it for you. With the use of pictures, and simple quick sentences that attract peoples attention, could be all you need to have a winning business. This all relates to business writing because your image will hurt immensely if you are seen in a bad light. Such as false advertisement, misspelled words, and unclear messages. Choosing the right platform for you is solely based on which you feel more comfortable using. By following the six C’s of business writing, I believe you can run a successful advertisement no matter which platform you choose. Have a great week.

BELOW are the peers forum I need 100 word response

Social media plays an important role in a business and their success in today’s society. If your business does not have social media accounts, they are less discoverable. If I were to have my own business, some social media accounts that I would use would be Facebook and Instagram. I would also use other platforms such as Google and Yelp in order to be discoverable and for my customers to be able to leave reviews and ratings.

More specifically, I would use Facebook as a business page for my venture. Customers would be able to like the page and keep up with any new information surrounding my business. They would be able to send me messages, as well as recommend my page to their friends by sharing and writing out their review/recommendations. Instagram would simply be used to have a presence but I understand that you can have too many social media accounts and this can get overwhelming trying to manage. Instagram would be used to post professional images of products and include important updates about specials and offers happening. Google and Yelp will include information such as location, phone numbers, customer reviews, and more.

I would use social media to connect with my potential customers in ways such as having these platforms that would allow customers to message me with questions on a basis that is more convenient for them. It is extremely convenient for an individual to be browsing through social media, come across a business page, and send them a quick message asking questions regarding pricing, email contact info, etc. With this easy accessibility, this connection makes it much easier for the customer to get the information they are looking for without going out of their way and having a difficult process to get simple information.

You can use writing and images to promote, or diminish a business. I actually have a funny example of how poor social media presence can backlash on your business and actually have the opposite effect. Last night I was watching Bar Rescue, and the business owner of this bar would post things on their business Instagram page such as pictures of birth control packets he found, someone who had hurt their foot and was bleeding in the bar. If a customer were to find your business page on social media and see posting like that, I am almost 100% positive they will not be going to your bar. It is essential to a business to have professional, and promotive posting that will make customers want to come to your business or try your products.

Some things that you can do to get people to get clicks, likes, and shares are things such as host giveaways, partner with similar businesses or individuals to get followers, have promotions, discounts off next purchases to keep them coming back, and more. These are just a few techniques that I have seen in order for people to get customers and capture the interest of people.


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