3 Allegory/Matrix Connections | Get Quick Solution

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3 Allegory/Matrix Connections | Get Quick Solution
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When you watch the Matrix, it is clear that The Allegory of the Cave has had a strong influence over the story and concept of the film.

Did any of these connections strike you?

Question 1. Where there any aspects of the movie that really spoke to you coming straight from Plato’s Allegory of the cave?

For instance, I was really interested in the Wachowski sisters reversal of light and dark (the reality is dark and the shadow cave is light).

Now it is time to think about a modern day Morpheus/Plato example.

Question 2. Are there any scenarios where we need to be made to see the light?

Events like the Coronavirus come to mind as well, what truths about our modern society are exposed as we navigate the current pandemic?

Question 3. Who is a modern figure that has caused people in society to realize a significant truth, and what is it?

People like Greta Thunberg come to mind, what truth has she helped us to see?

Think about your own example of a truth that has been uncovered for the benefit of others, that will be your Morpheus/Plato example.

Click reply and answer in the text box provided, you can go back and edit your replies later if you wish.

Be sure to answer the 3 questions while using complete grammatically correct sentences.


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