3 Paper 2 page each and 5 discussion questions

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3 Paper 2 page each and 5 discussion questions
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Discussion Questions

#1. Crime victimization often results in serious mental and emotional consequences. What are some examples of such mental and emotional consequences faced by victims? Which do you think is the most serious? Justify your choice.

#2. Do you think it is the role of the criminal justice system to provide victims with rights? How else could we ensure that victims receive help? Does your local jurisdiction provide victims with any assistance? Provide any ideas you may have in reference to providing victims with assitance.

#3. One way to reduce stigma and labeling would be to legalize acts that are now considered illegal. If you have the power, what would you legalize and what might be the consequences?

#4. Should radicalized American terrorists and domestic terrorists receive more severe punishment than foreign terrorists? Why or why not? In what ways can we learn from domestic terrorists once they are in custody?

#5. Human trafficking falls under the responsibility of DHS. This is a global problem and an ever-increasing issue in American culture. One possible solution domestically is to legalize prostitution. If prostitution were to become legal, it would be regulated by the government, ensuring that no one is forced into sex work underage or against their will. What are your thoughts on this solution to a serious human suffering problem?

Paper#1 Labeling Activity 2 Pages

Locate an academic article focused on the effects of labeling and written within the last three to five years. State whether the article supports or refutes the main principles of social reaction theory. State and explain if you agree or disagree with the author’s findings.

Paper#2 My favorite theory is . . . Activity

Choose a theory that has been discussed in this chapter. Find one peer-reviewed article discussing the theory a 2 page written review, on the article’s strengths and weaknesses. Conclude your paper by stating if you agree or disagree with the theory. Explain your answer.

Paper#3 Preventing Home-Grown Terrorism Assignment

What are some ways The Department of Homeland Security can identify American youths that are being radicalized to terrorism within our domestic borders? How can The Department of Homeland Security combat this issue to prevent American youth from becoming radicalized into home-grown terrorists?


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