3 parts question

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3 parts question
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Part 1, by 11:59pm on Wednesday of this week (10/30/19): Choose a reading from this week. Write approximately 200-250 words that discusses how the topic of this reading relates to or conflicts with any one reading from a previous week. In the first sentence or two, be sure to have identified the two readings by name. Turn it in via PDF here.

Part 2, by 11:59pm on Friday of this week (11/01/19): The Canvas peer review mechanism will assign you to comment on five of your classmates’ assignments. Please write a separate comment on each of the five. Each comment should be approximately 30-50 words long. Each comment may expand on the connection the original poster made, may make a connection to some additional material (e.g., another reading for this course, a news article you read, etc.), or may contribute to the ideas in the original text in some other way.

Part 3, by 11:59pm on Monday of next week (11/04/19): Read through the comments left by your classmates on this assignment. Create a new document in Word, Google Docs, or a similar word processing platform. Paste the original text you wrote, and all your classmates’ comments, into that document. Then, at the bottom, write a revised version of your original text that addresses some or all of the comments your classmates wrote. Your revised post may be up to 300 words long. NOTE: Different from the previous assignment you are expected to highlight your revisions made from the original. Submit the full document, with your original post, your classmates’ comments, and your revised post, exported as a PDF, at the Week 5 Comparison of Readings Part 3: Final Deliverable assignment page.

Here is the readings link

1 Reading (video, actually, but it counts as a “reading” for the comparison of readings assignment): Story of Stuff



Reading: Saul Griffith on the Green New Deal

Please read the following Medium post on discussing various aspects of the Green New Deal:

Griffith, Saul. “The Green New Deal: The Enormous Opportunity in Shooting for the Moon.” Medium, The Otherlab Blog, 22 Feb. 2019, https://medium.com/otherlab-news/decarbonization-and-gnd-b8ddd569de16 (Links to an external site.).


Reading: Greta Thunberg’s Critique Of The Green New Deal

Please read the following Forbes article on recent events surrounding Greta Thunberg’s social and cultural impact:

McMahon, Jeff. “No One Seemed To Notice Greta Thunberg’s Critique Of The Green New Deal.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 25 Sept. 2019, https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffmcmahon/2019/09/22/no-one-seemed-to-notice-greta-thunbergs-critique-of-the-green-new-deal/#70ad475338da (Links to an external site.).


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