4 page interview (Topic: “climate change adaptation plan in dove” ) | Get Quick Solution

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4 page interview (Topic: “climate change adaptation plan in dove” ) | Get Quick Solution
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Group Observation 2:

Below are the requirements for group observation 2

The purpose of this observation is to gain insight into participants’ orientations toward public problems by disclosing how they use language to emphasize some meanings and diminish other possible meanings. To accomplish this, you are going to compare how people depict the same problem based on materials generated through preferably face to face interviews. Everyone in your group will be observing the rhetoric on the problem they are studying for your term project.

Divide yourselves so that your group interviews different participants, preferably those who hold different, if not also opposing, perspectives on the problem. Conduct brief interviews with at least three people who are participants. Ask them (1) what sticks out in your mind as the most significant development or event on this topic in the past two or three years? (2) what is the most important issue, in your mind, on this topic? (3) what is the most significant local value that you think is at stake ion this topic? (4) what reason or reasons do those who don’t share your view offer for their position? (5) why do you disagree with them? Your interview observations will provide evidence for analytical claims made in TPR #2.

The professor is asking for interview 3 participants We are in the New Hampshire and the location will be mainly focus on Dover (NH) You could either make it up or interview someone.

Topic of the interview: “climate change adaptation plan in dove”


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