5 page Norma Rae movie Reflection Paper | Get Quick Solution

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5 page Norma Rae movie Reflection Paper | Get Quick Solution
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Pages 1-2: Summarize the film

  • Use your own words to briefly summarize the movie, focusing on the parts of the movie that connect to the major themes of this class—gender roles in the workplace, social expectations of women, oppression and freedom.
  • Do not waste space identifying the actors and the role they played.
  • Do identify the major characters.

Page 3: React to the film

  • Do not express whether you thought the movie was boring, exciting, well acted (etc.).
  • Use “I,” but do not use an informal or unprofessional tone.
  • Make sure that this section is coherent and well organized
  • Express your reaction to critical events in the movie.
  • Express how critical events in the movie might connect to your life.
  • Express how you may have acted/reacted under similar circumstances

Pages 4-5: Analysis—connect the movie to the major themes of this class

  • What did this movie teach you about how gender impacts expectations of women in the workplace during the mid-20th century?
  • How have expectations changed? In what ways have they stayed the same?

Reference Page

  • Use APA citation style.
  • Cite only the movie
  • Do not use any other sources.


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