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700 words anthropology paper | Get Quick Solution
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Assignment: In anthropology, there are multiple methods of researching and conveying an understanding of a culture. One of them is through visual anthropology. Review the article, An Introduction to Visual Anthropology: https://www.thoughtco.com/visualanthropology-intro…

For this the majority of this semester we are learning how to use an anthropological lens to view feature films with. For this assignment, we will turn that the other direction and view ethnographic films by film makers who use an anthropological method of film to convey a perspective of a culture.

Logon to Kanopy through SDSU’s Library (https://sdsu.kanopy.com/) and choose one:

Season of Migration

Write an essay that is approximately 600-1000 words including the following:

 A short review of the film (one to two paragraphs giving context to the reader. This assignment is not about reviewing the film.).

 How did this film inform you about the topic/culture?

 What gaps or questions about the culture are you left with?

 Do you see any possible bias?

 How is ethnographic/documentary style of film different from feature film?

 How might these different styles affect your perspective of a culture?

 Connect with class material: This means using readings (articles and text), lectures, discussions, and films within your paper – note the points given for this – it is important. For a passing grade on this section you must make more that two connections to class material. Be explicit, for example; “In the reading, xyz…” “This relates to…”. Just using vocabulary from the class is not adequate.


 Writing/grammar (This means using formal essay format with introduction, supporting, and conclusion paragraphs): 25% ;  Completing the assignment and answering all of the above questions: 25%;  Use and connection with the readings and class material: 50%.


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