800 words research proposal for Solar power project | Get Quick Solution

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800 words research proposal for Solar power project | Get Quick Solution
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Project Deliverable #1: Project Proposal

For your proposal, your task is to demonstrate that your project is a suitable research topic for

the Final Report, and that you have credible qualifications and research plans to achieve the

project milestones. Your argument and credibility is paramount; if you lack the ability to be

convincing in this document, you risk losing approval and funding for the continuation of your

work. Thus, your proposal must provide solid, feasible claims that are well-supported.

Proposal Requirements

Length: 2 pages (approximately 800-900 words, single-spaced)


  • Memo format (To/From/Subject/Date at top; speaking directly to client; headings,
  • subheadings and bullets as needed)

  • References in IEEE format
  • Content to include:

  • Introduction—set up your document for the reader and provide a quick summary of your
  • project and goals

  • Project Goal/Problem Statement— summarize the topic area and the specific
  • need/problem/goal that your project will address. Indicate which of the project

    trajectories you believe your project will take (Problem-Solution, Design/Redesign,

    Literature Review) It will help to relate your project to the goals and needs of your target

    audience (i.e. look for sources that support the claims you are making). Avoid any

    solution-driven language here (i.e. don’t express too much attachment to a particular

    design, solution, or concept); your focus is on convincing your reader that this project

    deserves more time, research, and development (and money!) before you can come up

    with final plans.

  • Stakeholder Interests—define your target audience(s) and explain their connections to
  • the project and your research plans. Remember that you might be writing this memo

    directly to one of your audience members, and so you should adjust your language

    accordingly! Justifying the impact to these stakeholders can also help you to justify the

    need for your research. As applicable–mention any additional stakeholders who might be

    impacted by your research (even if they are not the primary audience of the final report).

  • Research plan—provide a breakdown the primary and/or secondary research you will
  • conduct. Be specific.

  • Qualifications—provide a brief explanation of how you are qualified and capable of
  • completing your project.

  • Conclusion—briefly identify your next steps and deliverables, should the project be approved
  • Upon approval, you will conduct more extensive research to build towards your final report. If your proposal is not initially approved, you will have the opportunity to submit a revised document.


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