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A paragraph similar to this | Get Quick Solution
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First example

In the 19th century, the fight between progressives and and conservatives was the big thing happening at the time. President Calvin Coolidge’s views were on the Republican side of the fight or the conservative fight during the era. At the time, once he won the election, he gained and grew up the conservative side and had gotten more power for him and his side of the fight. Coolidge’s presidency didn’t start until the death of President Warren G Harding, taking over his presidency years. Before election, the only reason Coolidge went into election was to build up the conservative side of the fight.

Second example

Firstly, President Coolidge’s views differed from the progressives because he was a conservative. Coolidge supported laissez-faire and tax cuts, while progressives supported a more hands on and transparent businesses and government. Coolidge also greatly supported businesses, he believed that a country’s wealth came from good businesses.Mother Jones’ view on business was that child labor was not ok. She made child labor laws to protect children from harsh working conditions in businesses. She also supported and fought for worker’s rights in businesses.

Third exam

President Coolidge believed that thriving businesses made an economy stronger. He had a strong belief that the U.S. should practice a laissez-faire economy, and favored a small government that relativity stayed out of businesses. Yet, Coolidge did veto pay raises and bonuses while in office. Mother Jones was a so-called “Campion” for the working class. She wanted to improve the lives of laborers by achieving equality and justice for those who have been let down by the government.


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