A prospectus is a short document | Get Quick Solution

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A prospectus is a short document | Get Quick Solution
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I. A prospectus is a short document in which you develop a proposal for a longer work which you intend to complete. In this case you will be explaining what you will be arguing in your 4-5 page research paper. I am looking for a thesis not just a topic. Your general topic will be the social sciences, specifically education, sports, race (or the intersection of race and class), criminal justice, and gender. I will veto topics that are not appropriate. Make use of your social scientific vocabulary such as

  • Race logic
  • Resegregation
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Inclusionary rules
  • Explicit exclusion
  • Cool pose
  • Bigotry

This is not a book report but a recommendation to take a particular action or to understand a problem in a particular way based on argument and the evidence you have researched. At this point you need only present one research source which should be an article or a book, not a blog or a website. Document your sources using APA style and APA in-text citations:

Lewis, M. (2003). Moneyball: The art of winning an unfair game. New York, NY: Norton.

Your prospectus should be between 250 and 300 words and contain one quotation from your source documented in APA format; integrate your quotation with an appropriate signal phrase. Your sources must come from the articles and books we are using in the course.


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