ABC University Iron Man 2008 Movie Discussion Watch Iron Man (2008) Link of the movie below Attached are the instructions on how to fill the worksheet. A

ABC University Iron Man 2008 Movie Discussion Watch Iron Man (2008) Link of the movie below

Attached are the instructions on how to fill the worksheet.

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ABC University Iron Man 2008 Movie Discussion Watch Iron Man (2008) Link of the movie below Attached are the instructions on how to fill the worksheet. A
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Approaches chosen to focus on in the movie

-Disability Studies asks questions such

-Gender and Sexuality Studies asks

Please do not consult outside sources only the film itself.



Movie link: Iron Man film
For this notetaking assignment, we will return to the strategy of a “development.” In film and television, a
“development” is the term for the written proposal that is put forward to producers and companies as
part of the process for getting a project “green-lighted.” A “development” outlines the major scenes of a
film. Divide your paper into three columns, naming each scene in the left column and then writing notes
in the other two columns.
In the middle column, you are collecting examples and noticing details related to the “heroic.”
When a character is represented as particularly “heroic,” note it and note why you think it is “heroic.” We
said that a superheroic character exhibits charisma, personality, emotionality, courage, bravery,
selflessness, a moral code, an interest in growing/learning/transformation, ambition, perserverance in the
face of hardship, and a commitment to using their special gifts and abilities positively and especially to
help others. You may also note times when the film is a testament to a “superheroic” author/creator. In
class we said that an author/creator who is superheroic: innovates, invents, inspires, influences, has
imagination, and is introspective (i.e. sees the complexity in humanity and presents it in their characters
and stories).
The focus of your notes in your right column should be observations based on the literary
approaches that we are practicing in this unit. You should not feel obligated to note everything related to
all five of these approaches, but please take thorough notes on at least one of the approaches.
1.) Socio-political asks …
At what time in history is the story set? How is that time period in history represented in ways that are
relevant to the year the film was released? How are nationhood and nationality represented? How is the
nation defined (e.g. in opposite to an “enemy” nation, according to its government or particular social
2.) Disability Studies asks questions such as …
How is the physical capacity of the body represented in the film? Are disabled characters depicted
positively or negatively? How are physical impairments, illnesses, and diseases themselves represented?
3.) Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity Studies asks questions such as …
How are race and ethnicity represented? Who is doing the representing? Is there diversity? Are the
“minority” race characters represented as heroic, or does the film privilege white characters, and, if so,
how? What are the races and ethnicities of the villains, heroes, and supporting characters?
4.) Gender and Sexuality Studies asks …
How are gender sexuality represented in the film? How are masculinity, feminity, and other gender
identities defined and represented in the film? What sort of abilities, skills, talents, qualities, and
authority do women and/or men have in the film, and, conversely, how are women and/or men limited or
rendered dependent (especially if the film suggests they are limited because of their biological sex and/or
socially constructed gender expectations)? How is sexuality represented?
5.) Class Studies asks …
What social classes do the various characters (especially the main character) in the film belong to, and
how is social class represented? What economic values do the characters and the film implicitly or
explicitly promote?
Example of one note, using Iron Man as an example. Strive for at least two full pages per class session.
opening scene: Tony in Dubai
Tony celebrity not hero
soldier asks to take photo with Tony
weapons maker says ironically “I
love peace”
drinking scotch out of a glass
while riding in Army jeep
alcholism glamorized instead of
treated as problem

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