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abnormal psychology | Get Quick Solution
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This assignment must be at least 2 and 1/2 pages, but not more than 3 pages. As with Assignment #1, you should have 1″ margins, 12-point font. Per your Syllabus, remember there is a point loss for incorrect format. Also, remember that there is no heading other than just the assignment number in the top right hand corner, then skip 2 lines, and start the content. For this assignment, you’ll need to read chapter 6 in order to answer these questions.

Most people with an anxiety disorder do not receive evidence-based treatment like CBT or exposure and response prevention. Many simply receive medication from their primary care physician, with no requirement for counseling. What should be done to make these treatments more widely accessible or used? Should an evidence-based therapy be required for use before and/or during treatment with anxiolytic medication? Why/why not?

I just done one page, and please add some content to make sure it is two and a half pages.


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