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AD homework | Get Quick Solution
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Here are the assignment requirements

1.So far I’ve only written one AD analysis for Coca-Cola.You need to write two more AD analyses. The two ads analyzes need to be the same type of ads as Coca-Cola.For example, Pepsi and Sprite. I have attached the coca-cola article I wrote. Please refer to the requirement below to write the AD analysis of the other two ads.

Requirement:Select your print ads and provide each of them a brief (150-200 word) exploration of its rhetoric. Consider the author of the ad, the intended audience, the purpose (how is it trying to convince the audience), whether the ad evokes emotions and what those emotions are, how it tries to establish credibility and what hard evidence, data, or facts it might use. Consider the other aspects of visual media from our tip sheet. Be sure to attach or embed the ad picture in the post.

2.You will end your Rhetorical Analysis project with a reflection (250-350 words) on what you discovered in your analysis work. Consider what patterns you noticed among your three print ads or memes. What did they do that was similar? Different? What do those differences tell you rhetorically?(If you did not notice a certain kind of rhetorical aspect or issue in any of your analyses, you can mention that in your reflection and consider what that means. So, if you were on the hunt for logical fallacies, you can note that none were prominent if you did not discover any. If ethos (credibility) was limited, you might examine why.)

3.Summarize what you learned from your efforts of reading these articles closely and rhetorically in your closing thoughts. What did this assignment as an exercise teach you?

4.Keep your opinion limited. You might open it up to discuss how/why you are drawn to an issue and give insight to your perspective, but that should be the extent of it.


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