Administration of Justice 200

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Administration of Justice 200
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A.Consider the following acts/factual scenarios and in each case, decide whether the act should be treated as a crime.State for each situation whether it should be a crime then include 2-3 sentences about why you made that decision.Single space each paragraph, then double space between paragraphs.Number your paragraphs according to the 12 situations described below.

B.Next, rank the acts from the most serious to least serious.In 8 – 10 sentences (1 – 2 paragraphs), after you list your rankings in order, describe how and why you ranked the factual scenarios the way you did.This section may be single spaced as well.

  1. Robert sells crack cocaine and uses the proceeds to support his mother, who is on welfare.
  2. Liz pickpockets an individual’s wallet containing $50.
  3. Donald is a used car dealer who turns back the odometer on cars he sells.
  4. Ted robs a liquor store at gunpoint.
  5. Ellen leaves a store with change for a $10 bill after she realizes that she gave the cashier a $5 bill.
  6. Lilly approaches a man for the purpose of prostitution.
  7. Ming refuses to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.
  8. A company pollutes a river with waste from its auto factory.
  9. Marge gets drunk then hits a child while speeding through a school zone.
  10. Burt observes his best friend shoplifting but does not turn him in.
  11. Eva works as a prostitute on the street to pay for her heroin habit.
  12. Nigel is a videographer.He gets paid to film porn, and on occasion, the porn involves children between 12 – 16 years old.

After finishing A and B above, summarize your experience with this assignment.Was it difficult? If so, what made it difficult?If you were a politician, could you decide what should be considered crimes, then decide how serious they are, thus how much punishment is appropriate?This conclusion paragraph should be 4 – 6 sentences.


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