AENG240 disscusion question | Get Quick Solution

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AENG240 disscusion question | Get Quick Solution
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Select one of the questions and answer for your Daily Post.

1) As the novel wraps up with the explosion of the mob violence in Wellington, we can find what major characters face accordingly. Feel free to focus on one (or two, if they share some similarities or involve with each other closely) and analyze how the “revolution” affects their perceptions and understanding shown so far in the novel. For example, what the demise of Jane and Jerry Letlow tell about certain inter-racial relationships they have been representing? What kind of revelation does Major Carteret reach and how? What is the position of William Miller or Lee Ellis in the riot? What does the final encounter between Josh Green and George McBane symbolize?

2) In the chapters assigned for today’s reading, you may have noticed several references to the “witness” of the whole incident: Arthur Miller’s hospital burned down at the end of Chapter 35, the black residents who survived the riot (Chapter 36), and Janet’s son as a “mute witness” (Chapter 37). Closely analyze the characteristics of these peculiar kinds of witness and their importance: what is the function of object or “mute” subject as a witness?; who is excluded from the act of bearing witness?; how should we “hear” their testimony?

3) In the intense encounter between Olivia and Janet, we will see the way in which Janet responds to the final, long-waited recognition of her status. Use evidence to analyze what her response tells about this racial and familial conflict: what does she reject and what status does she prove against her sister’s assumption?

4) Create your own discussion question. You need to pose an open-ended question that would stimulate your classmates’ thoughts (e.g. “What is the importance of the concept of . . . ?” “How does this conversation complicate our understanding of . . . ?”) To give a concrete foothold for your classmates, explain which passage or scene led to your discussion question. Suggesting how you may answer the question or even explaining what you find interesting/confusing/strange will help your classmates to respond in a specific manner.


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