Aging and intelligence

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Aging and intelligence
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Aging and Intelligence

The goal of this discussion is to become familiar with and use academic presentations that address aging and intelligence. Many of these are produced by book publishers and universities. Review several of these presentations and identify three or more, including at least one that you believe to be from a reliable source.

In your initial post, explain what is meant by three of these concepts:

  • Creativity, intelligence, and aging.
  • Fluid and crystallized intelligence.
  • Peak learning.
  • Psychometrics.
  • Wisdom, intelligence, and aging.
  • Measurement and performance.
  • Piaget, Denney, Schaie, or Baltes’ theoretical perspective.

For each concept you choose, find one academic presentation (many of these will be PowerPoint files) that appears to support what is said in the chapter reading. You may find these from universities, institutions of professional development, or other reputable sources, by conducting an Internet search. The presentation may not be limited to a PowerPoint presentation on the topic but can be a video or audio recording, for example; such mini-lectures or presentations can identify new terminology and applications of concepts that will broaden your perspective of the topic. Point out anything that appears to conflict with the chapter reading. For each topic, describe how the presentation you chose might be used to begin a conversation on the topic identified.

Attach the URL for each presentation resource in your discussion post. Check your APA manual, Section 7.04 on pages 206–207, to cite and reference these presentations properly in your post.


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