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agression research | Get Quick Solution
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Introduction (To be written independently)

  • 1-2 paragraphs about the motivation of the research project.
    • State and explain the research question—what question is being asked, and how do you understand that question?
    • Explain the variables that are being investigated at a conceptual level (what are they, and what do they mean?).
    • State your hypothesis—your prediction of how the study will turn out—and explain why you think this: what is your theory? This should answer the research question. (Keep in mind that your hypothesis will not be graded based on whether it is supported by your data or not–only how well you’re able to explain your ideas.)

    Discussion (to be written independently)

    • 2-4 paragraphs discussing your study.
      • Interpret your findings. Make connections between your study and your initial ideas—do your data support or argue against your hypothesis, and how does this affect your theory of these concepts?
      • Discuss limitations of your study, especially thinking about the big four validities. What might have weakened your external, construct, statistical, and internal validity, and how might this have affected your findings? How could future research address these limitations? Be specific!
      • Construct and external validities are both going to be important in this study. In addition, you should be discussing the internal validity of your study–especially if you found a difference amongst your conditions, what else might explain that pattern? What other alternate explanations might there be for this relationship, and how could we rule these alternate explanations out?

    I have provided our research paper, with the results paper. based on the research paper please write these two paragraphs.


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