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agrumentaive essay | Get Quick Solution
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Argumentative Research Paper Guidelines

Select a topic that differs from the argumentative essay, but do not select topics listed below. Write an Argumentative Research paper that utilizes scholarly secondary sources, demonstrates familiarity with MLA (Modern Language Association) source documentation conventions, and demonstrates awareness of audience. I will pay particular attention to your use of MLA in-text source documentation conventions such as signal phrases, quotation conventions, and parenthetical notes. Whether using direct quotation, summary, or paraphrase, writers must include correct in-text citation conventions to acknowledge sources. Clearly distinguish your voice from the voices of your sources.

This research paper should project your voice, and include the following:

  1. a well-defined thesis statement that includes an arguable claim and bold print. (See a model thesis statement on page 346 ).
  2. an outline that aligns with the thesis statement (include with draft only).
  3. Relevant background information, good reasons, and convincing evidence.
  4. Counter argument(s) presented fully, fairly and objectively in a separate paragraph (or several separate paragraphs).
  5. Clearly presented responses to counter arguments.
  6. MLA style source documentation conventions within the research paper (signal phrases, parenthetical notes, quotation marks, block quotations, etc.) and on the Works Cited page (spacing, indentation, title distinctions, etc.). Insert no URLs in the body of the paper. Instead, use key words from title of source. .
  7. Three scholarly sources (no Wikipedia). For online scholarly sources, check the Richland College Library Academic Search Complete data base. See the textbook for a model list of works cited (548).

Final Argumentative Research Paper

Upload the final Argumentative Research Paper (including the Works Cited page) to the Assignment link after considering feedback from peers and instructor. Revise and edit carefully. Double space all pages. Include page numbers. Use a 12 to 14-point font size. The Final Argumentative Research Paper should consist of 1,200-1,500 words, including the Works Cited page.


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