All answers should be in a different file with its own APA format | Get Quick Solution

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All answers should be in a different file with its own APA format | Get Quick Solution
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A. Please complete the following steps:

Read Introduction to Late Adulthood found in Module 10.

Read Physical Development found in Module 10.

Read Cognitive Development and listen to Treating Delirium found in Module 10.

Please read Psychosocial Development and Relationships found in Module 10.

Please watch The Many Faces of Aging in America


Then, reflect and respond in 2-3 paragraphs to the following questions:

1. How are these seniors trying to alter the stereotype of aging?

2. Imagine yourself in this stage of development. What type of senior would you like to be?

B. First, watch this lesson on the 9 hallmarks of aging!

Then, complete the following activities:

What are four factors that contribute to longevity?

What is primary aging? What is secondary aging? Please provide two examples of each.

Identify five generalizations about the aging process listed in the assigned reading.

What are three ways adults can achieve Erikson’s stage of generativity?

How can attitudes of aging impact one’s experience in late adulthood?

Provide a robust response to each of these questions.


Please read and watch the following: Euthanasia from Module 11 and watch the following clip of

. The links are provided below. You can copy and paste them into your web browser. ;

2. Initial Post (300 words)
  • What are your reactions to Brittany’s choice?
  • Should this practice be legal?
  • Imagine if you were Brittany’s loved one. How would you respond? Would you support her decision or try to change her mind?

D. First, read the Introduction to Death and Dying, The Most Common Causes of Death, The Process of Dying,and 5 Stages of Loss found in Module 11.

Then, read Palliative Care and Hospice and Bereavement and Grief found in Module 11.

Reflect and respond to the following questions:

1. Have you ever had to cope with the loss of a loved one? If so, what concepts described in this section provide context that may help you understand your experience and process of grieving?

(If you have not experienced the loss of a loved one, which concepts do you think would provide context? )

2. If were you were diagnosed with a terminal illness would you choose hospice care or a traditional death in a hospital ? Why?


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