All the questions are described below | Get Quick Solution

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All the questions are described below | Get Quick Solution
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Focus on Tan’s description of different types of the English Language in “Mother Tongue.” Does she seem to value one type over the other, or do all types of English serve a purpose? Are some forms of the English language considered more powerful or more proper? Why does the hospital respond to Tan instead of her mother? What does this example illustrate?:


You may answer any of the prompts below. Your essay must focus on one of the readings we have completed for this class. If you would like to create your own prompt, please send me an email discussing your ideas. Final drafts should be at least 4-5 pages, 1250 words.

This is a thesis driven paper. You need a strong, coherent argument. Remember: a thesis is a claimabout a topic. It should be something that’s debatable, insightful, and unique to you. Your thesis is your argument about some aspect of meaning within the story(s). The thesis statement must be the last sentence in the introduction.

You need to cite the essays in your paper in order to provide evidence for your argument – each paragraph (except the introduction and the conclusion) should include at least one quotefrom the essay (or essays) you are discussing. Don’t just put quotes into the paper – be sure to introduce them and then explain why you’ve brought the quote in. Tell us what the quote shows about the essay – why is it meaningful? Ask yourself what does this quote tell me about the meaning of the essay? What does it reveal?




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