An Enemy of the People Literary Analysis | Get Quick Solution

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An Enemy of the People Literary Analysis | Get Quick Solution
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Write a 750 – 1,000 word (750 words minimum) analysis from the play AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE

You must include at least 1 direct quote from the play to support your discussion

*must properly cite any lines you use from the play

Analyzing Plot

 Review the information on plot from our textbook (p. 7-10) and other course material.

 In your essay, discuss all of the items listed below for the play that you chose:

1. Identify the play type (drama, tragedy, comedy of manners, satire, etc.)

2. Identify the plot type: (unified, episodic, etc.)

3. Plot action: comment specifically on how the action (exposition/establishment of circumstance, rising action, conflict/crisis, climax, falling action, denouement/resolution) moves the storyline along in significant ways

4. Be sure to discuss the importance of foreshadowing and/or sub-plots that contributed to the overall plot structure, reversal(s), and anagnorisis.




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