An essay. I uploaded all the instructions below. | Get Quick Solution

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An essay. I uploaded all the instructions below. | Get Quick Solution
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As college students, you are asked to complete nearly all of your tasks with the help of technology. Need to look something up: Google it. Need to write an essay: Type it on your laptop or tablet. Hungry: Order something from Uber Eats on your phone. Being technologically proficient while attending college is more helpful than harmful. Or is it?

With an increase in technology comes the term digital native: “a person born or brought up during the age of digital technology and therefore familiar with computers and the Internet from an early age.”

In Alia Wong’s academic article, “Digital Natives, Yet Strangers to the Web,” she walks her audience through some of the pitfalls of using technology when it comes to education. Throughout the article, Wong makes claims to support her argument, while simultaneously using evidence to support her claims.


Using Wong’s article, identify the rhetorical situation, including author, argument, purpose, audience, and genre. Additionally, you will need to analyze her argument, central claims, and evidence.


  • 3-4 pages in length
  • MLA 8 Format
  • MLA 8 Works Cited Page
  • Direct quotes make sure you introduce, integrate, and analyze. Don’t simply “drop in” quotes.
  • Because you are asked to write an analysis of an argument, you are required to evaluate whether or not Wong’s argument was effective or ineffective. Focus on walking your reader through the choices Wong makes and why she makes them in order to make her argument.
  • Intro: strong hook, background context, introduce author & text, identify who the audience is, road map of your analysis, thesis (“In this paper, I will analyze and evaluate…”)
  • Body: topic sentence; identify main claim; introduce evidence used, analyze and evaluate both the effectiveness of the claim & evidence
    • Repeat as necessary
  • Conclusion: So what? Bigger picture? Why should we care? Was Wong successful or persuasive? What should she add to be more persuasive?


  • Comprehension
    • Effectively addresses all aspects of the prompt
    • Fully grasps Wong’s article and showcases knowledge cogently
  • Development
    • Details/analyzes text thoroughly and thoughtfully
    • Writer thoroughly addresses elements of the argument, including author, context, purpose, claims, and evidence.
  • Organization
    • Essay flows logically from introduction → body → conclusion
    • Sentence level organization is strong
  • Expression/Mechanics/Grammar
    • Writer uses appropriate syntax, grammar, punctuation


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