analysis of a researched current crisis or conflict

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analysis of a researched current crisis or conflict
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My question is for the final paper, where i have to use al of the reading material and outside scholars resource. This longer paper is to be an analysis of a researched current crisis or conflict. It can be a political, economic or social conflict/crisis either within any country in the region, or between countries. Your paper should be around 10 pages (double-spaced), and there should be at least 10 sources used. The sources should be a mixture of media, government, academic journals, and books, and international organizations. Do not use Wikipedia as a source – go to the original sources. The paper must have all facts, ideas not from the author, and direct quotes of sentences and phrases cited within the text, as well as have a list of sources at the end, following the APA style manual.

The paper should have a title that indicates or hints at the central problem or thesis, and must cover the following points: background to the problem or thesis – this would include history, going only as far back as necessary to explain the current issue the main perspectives, sides, including scholarly research application of a theory, policy approach, framework, etc. from the development literature, or other stream of academic literature, that seems relevant to the issue (and if you are in program other than GTD, please feel free to explore and use concepts from you discipline) a strong conclusion in which the author provides an analysis(not opinion!) of the issue and the role of international institutions within it.The ideas presented in the reading thus far needs to be shown, understood and analyzed. This includes all the articles, I’ve sent you thus far. good topic that uses IOs, things about security , civil society within development, national and global security regime, role of technology within security?


The paper titled “The Role of International Institutions in the Syrian Refugee Crisis” aims to analyze the current crisis of Syrian refugees and the role of international organizations in addressing the issue. The paper will begin by providing background information on the conflict in Syria and the resulting refugee crisis. It will then discuss the main perspectives on the crisis, including the perspectives of Syrian refugees, host countries, and international organizations. The paper will then apply relevant theories and frameworks from the development literature, such as the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine and the concept of human security, to analyze the role of international institutions in addressing the crisis.

In the conclusion, the paper will provide an analysis of the effectiveness of international institutions in addressing the Syrian refugee crisis and their potential for future action. The paper will also consider the implications of the crisis for national and global security regimes and the role of technology in addressing the issue. With a minimum of 10 sources, including media, government, academic journals, and books from international organizations, the paper will utilize a mixture of primary and secondary sources to support its analysis. The sources will be cited according to the APA style manual and listed in a bibliography at the end of the paper…..


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