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Analyze Video Lecture or Discussion Session Discussion
For this component you will identify and discuss an issue discussed in video lectures or discussion sessions prior to the due date. For this section you can use any video lecture or discussion session that precedes the due date. For example, if the due date is on the 5th week of the class you can use material from the 4th, 3rd, 2nd or 1st week of the class.
Once you have decided what lecture or discussion session you are going to use, identify and critically engage with one idea/concept/issue dealt with in that lecture or discussion session that attracted interest and in a scholarly manner explain why it is important.
It is important to critically engage with the ideas in a scholarly manner. Ensure you have a clear thesis and supporting arguments. Refer to the Assignment Evaluations section of this syllabus.
Anything we discuss that piques your interest can be used for this part of the assignment it all depends on the topics we discuss.
You should have a thesis and include reference to one or two other scholarly works.
400 words

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Analyze Video Lecture | Browse Homework
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