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Annotated Bibliography and Reference list | Get Quick Solution
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Visit the Module 8 folder and re-read Option #1 of the Portfolio Project. That assignment asks you to identify some of the illnesses and injuries that would result in children having to spend time in a long-term care hospital facility. The Portfolio Project also asks you to explore toy options, either online or in the toy store, selecting a few for each age group, early and middle childhood, trying to maximize physical and cognitive development.

  1. For this week’s Milestone, you are required to find appropriate sources on the internet or from the CSU-Global Library that include both academic and professional literature.
  2. Prepare an annotated bibliography from five to seven relevant sources. You may use the recommended readings in this course but not the required readings.

This is portfolio part 2 for the assignment you did for me the last time. I am attaching your previous work and question 8 for your reference.


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