ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY ASSIGNMENT Poverty and Homelessness among Communities of Color in DC

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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY ASSIGNMENT Poverty and Homelessness among Communities of Color in DC
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Annotated Bibliography

This second assignment serves to further expand your knowledge of contemporary issues from your local community to a national level. Your PowerPoint provided a background for the issue or program you researched locally, the power point is attached to this work for your review and aid you on your work. The annotated bibliography serves to provide a broader resource base for your final paper by requiring research that is applicable to national programs similar to the one you have researched.

At this juncture, it will be helpful to review the final project requirements in order to access materials that will support your final project topic.

As you expand your topic to a broader audience and develop expertise on the subject matter, you must naturally identify additional resources that provide you with the ability to inform others and to make determinations that support your thesis. Thus, from a local issue to a larger issue, your sources of information will necessarily increase. This assignment provides the opportunity to extend your learning by researching scholarly articles to evaluate and summarize key sources for your final paper. The annotated bibliography allows you to identify the major points of the article that you are using and their relevance to your research. Merely providing a list of resources does not explore the interest and the value of your resources. In an annotated bibliography you will evaluate and review your sources assessing those containing critical support for your work. By reviewing relevant research, you will also identify experts in the field, integrate collaborative insights from different disciplines, and review opposing viewpoints. The annotated bibliography should address the major components of your final project.

Check out Capella University’s sample of an annotated bibliography. This APA formatted document will provide specific guidance for your work. Your annotated bibliography should not exceed 5 pages in length, and should include a title page. Concise writing is essential to completing this assignment.


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