Annotated Definition- LSUS

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Annotated Definition- LSUS
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Annotated Definition – Due Friday, November 1

By Friday, November 1, 11:59 p.m., you are to complete 1 (one) annotated definition related to any topic around the development of Sociology/Social Theory or Comte. Please take a moment to look at the examples I posted to better understand this assignment.
1) Each annotated definition must included at least 2(two) peer reviewed articles excluding your textbook.
2) A minimum of 300 words excluding references.
3)For each term, who coined them or who were the main users of them, what is the definition, and how the definitions change.
4) Use APA style.

See the syllabus and posted examples for what you should look for and how to structure this assignment.

Submission status

Submission status No attempt
Grading status Not graded
Grading criteria

Social Theory

500 word minimum




Two peer reviewed sources

No sources used


1 peer reviewed source, used properly and sourced


2 peer reviewed sources, used properly and sourced


Mechanics and Content

Elements are not addressed and no material is included


Few elements are addressed and poor material is included


Most elements are addressed and adequate material is included


Each element is addressed and very good material is included


Each element is fully addressed and excellent material is included



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