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Answer 662 | Get Quick Solution
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Part 1) u can have one or max two references

Search the term “sustainable packaging.” (a) Identify various sustainable packaging options; (b) Describe the changes at least two companies have done to their products to reduce or eliminate environmental waste.

Part 2) u can have one or max two references

In today’s business environment, companies struggle to meet growth objectives. Volatility in demand has become the norm, and companies understand that they need the ability to quickly calibrate because sustainable demand continues to be more challenging than expected. Question: (a) What strategies can companies implement to sustain in such agile environment?(b) Provide an example of a company that has succeeded in such efforts.

Part 3)

relevance of SPC in non Manufacturing why and how SPC useful

part three u did applications for it last week if u remember now he want the relevance of SPC


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