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Answer below question | Get Quick Solution
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Topic: Mental health and violence in the US

  1. Length, Formatting, and Writing Style: (30 points)

Students will CHOOSE A HEALTH LAW/ETHICS TOPIC from the textbook or the list below created by the professor. Students will write a 15-page double spaced paper, excluding title and reference pages, and any addendums such as charts (this is a WI, writing intensive, course). Please use APA format, and include an executive summary/abstract. Please take time to proofread your paper to be free of spelling, grammar, or formatting mistakes and use clear concise sentences, transitions, etc. in order to present your ideas effectively. Using Grammarly, Spellcheck and another person to proofread your paper is highly advisable. Your paper will include the following subtitles within: Abstract; Significance/Background; Legal/Ethical Issues; Health Service Administration Implications; and Concluding Summary.

  1. Content (70 points)
  • Significance/background of this topic
    • (5 Ws: Who, what, when, where, why and how). E.g. Definitions/what is this, who is affected/how many people (statistics), …has this changed over time? etc.
    • (Government agency websites for this info include:,,, or professional organizations ie. or other credible sources such as the
  • Discuss at least 3 critical legal and ethical issues related to this topic
    • E.g. informed consent, HIPAA, and a new emerging state or federal law
    • Research current state or federal laws on this topic. You may contrast different state laws, e.g. NC versus South Carolina.You may also contrast with an international comparison for more insight, such as Germany or Canada.
    • Discuss ethical issues raised by this topic.
  • Use OUTSIDE information (research). You may use government/professional websites, peer-reviewed journal articles, books, etc to expand on legal/ethical issues raised in the book (cite your research IN-TEXT and at the end REFERENCE section, APA format). You cannot have a reference listed without a citation!
  • Discuss how Health Administration can play a role in the legal/ethical issues noted in #2.
  • Finally, write a conclusion summarizing the main points you have made in your paper: important legal, ethical, etc points you have discussed including areas for future research/improvement (related to health care law/ethics/administration).

Mental health and violence in the US


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