answer discussion question and respond to two student posts human sexuality

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answer discussion question and respond to two student posts human sexuality
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Knowing how many unplanned pregnancies occur yearly, the thought of using contraception seems to be an afterthought. Who (talking about you and your partner) is responsible for preventing pregnancy? Who should initiate the discussion about birth control? How do you resolve conflicts about which birth control method to use? Remember to cite. Respond to 2 posts from other classmates.

please respond to these two student posts.


The man and woman are both responsible to make sure they are protected a girl responsibility would include making sure she has a form a birth control and her husband uses proper protection to prevent unplanned pregnancies. I know with of few times my wife and I was not fully protected and my wife got pregnant The times we were protected then of course it prevented my wife from getting pregnant. My wife and I were teen parents and was not being responsible she was only 15 and I was just turning 17 we were both very young and thought that nothing would happen so we didn’t have to worry about protection I never asked her if she was protected and she never asked me this should have been the first question that came out of our mouth the first thing knowing that we were having sex each one of us should never just assume or not use protection. We were also not educated on teen pregnancy. about a year after our son was born we did the same thing again not being responsible and my wife got pregnant with our second child unplanned. This is when we finally learned Two babies by the time my wife turned 18 was a lot of hard work my wife quit school and I had to work long hours to provide for the family still barley making it. Times were really hard with two small babies a year apart.Although we don’t regret having our children we learned that we needed to be protected from having 18 kids later. as the years went by we stayed protected. up until we planned our third and fourth when my wife was 23 and 30 years old. Being young teen parents we did a great job all the kids are grown two of them are teachers and one works for the post office the other is full time college student to be a counselor.

Who should initiate the discussion about birth control? In mine and my wife’s case I strongly believe again both my wife and I should imitate the discussion about birth control we both need to be held responsible for our own actions. It is my responsibility to make sure I am well protected as well my wife I know when we got protected I would make sure to have condoms always on me as well as in my car, I even had extra at home. My wife should be responsible to make sure she has birth control and is taking her birth control on time if for any reason she missed one day she could still stand a chance of getting pregnant.


Margarita Torres

T. Addison, Instr.

PSYC11 Chapter 10 Discussion

It should be the responsibility of both parties involved, not only to prevent unplanned pregnancy but also to prevent sexually transmitted disease and infections. The cliche is said that the female should be the one responsible. Granted the female can take a pill, get a shot, use an IUD, use the arm implants, use a sponge, female condom, diaphragm, cervical cap, or if these fail, there’s the Morning After Pill or an abortion. Yes any one of those above mentioned can prevent pregnancy, but that does not help against sexual diseases.

That is why the man should have some responsibility too. I mean that is the least they can do. As we know from our other textbook chapters a majority of women do not orgasm. So not only are women left unsatisfied but they need to bring the birth control? Even if the female does take the pill a majority of women actually take the pill for other reasons. A percentage use birth control pills to regulate their periods, some for acne, others for menstrual cramps.

“When 99 percent of women used birth control in their lifetime and 60 percent use it for something other than family planning, it’s outrageous and I think the Supreme Court will suggest that their case is ridiculous.” — Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida- Washington Post.

For that reason alone I make sure to constantly remind my boys when I know that they are in a relationship. I told them I do not care if she swears up and down still do not trust her. “No raincoat, No GO!” Fine she might be taking the pill but what if she has caught something and just like that she gives it to them.

In any sexual relationship, the first thing that should be brought up is the topic of birth control. I tied my tubes after my youngest son was born. I had all my children by C- Section. That’s right I had four. I tell my kids they were lazy because the did not want to come out. So even though I knew or I know I can not get pregnant, any new sexual escaped a condom is used. If I stay in the relationship then further down the line I may stop them, maybe.

If there are any conflicts on which method is best, the female should take what is best for her. And the male can pick from a variety of condoms now days. There are different textures, lubricates, and even flavors. Remember for 5 minutes of fun, no protection, means at least 18 years of raising a kid.


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