Answer discussion question and respond to two students

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Answer discussion question and respond to two students
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Where would you place yourself on the Kinsey scale? How did you come to that conclusion? Cite if necessary. Respond to 2 posts from other classmates.

here is the link for Kinsey scale test .

please respond to these 2 student posts.


Margarita Torres

T. Addison, Instr.

PSYC11 Chapter 9 Discussion Kinsey Test

I was able to take the Kinsey test thru the link provided. According to the test I scored a 3- Equally heterosexual and homosexual. And when I looked it over I would have placed myself there to. Most of my life I have been in heterosexual relationships. On two occasions I have been with a woman. When I was younger I was main attracted to men but as I have gotten older it’s changed. Before I did not admit it to myself but then I realized I my bisexual tendencies.

I know with my past relationships I was not comfortable with myself let a lone to tell my partner. It really wasn’t until my current relationship (which we are going on 11 years), that I was able to feel free to let everything out. With the others I always felt that I would be judged and of course not in a good way. With the relationship I am in now it’s a no hold bar. I have told him all my secrets everything that has ever happened to me, the things I have done, people I have been with, and even my sexual fantasies. He has never judged me has told me whatever makes me happy that is all he cares about.

Do not get me wrong I still find men attractive but considering the wonderful relationship i am in, I do not find myself looking at other men rather I look at women given the situation. I am with my best friend, my ultimate lover, and in a healthy loving relationship never have I been able to have all that with one person. I guess that is why I tell my family that if something ever happens to him, my next relationship will be with a woman. At first when I would say that, they thought I was joking, they now know I am serious.


After taking Kinsey scale test the results came back with a score of 0 saing that I am exclusively heterosexual I took this test by answering questions related to my own sexual experiences and or desires Some of the questions that were asked was about my gender, age, desires, my attractions with the same sex, Ideas of having same sex partners, experments, with both men and woman, interest If I like to watch porn, basically most of the test was focussed on the same sex questions. After I finished the test I recieved a score of 0 saying I was exclusively heterosexual . which the test results is correct. I am a very straight man and have never been interested in the same sex. nor do I have any desire or fantisy of this. Pople are all different and I don’t judge people for their choices they have though. Bobby


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