Answer discussion question and respond two students human sexuality

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Answer discussion question and respond two students human sexuality
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Assume that you are a parent of a teenager who asks, “How do I know when I should have sex?” What would you answer and why? Would you then consider providing birth control to you teenager? Cite if necessary. Respond to 2 posts from other classmates.

————please respond

Bobby baker

Personally I have three girls and one boy and they are all adults now having families of their own. I remember my wife talking openly to our girls and my wife being honest with each one of them The first oldest daughter really didn’t talk much about sex to my wife and as a matter of fact it wasn’t until she was 21 when she first had her experience from what I am told. but the second oldrest girl talked to my wife and asked what age is a good age to have sex? and my wife got really quiet and listened and asked questions . she didn’t want to hear a list of reasons why not to have sex I think this was her way of saying she was having sex. My wife didn’t want to shut her down where she wouldn’t come to us. instead she was honest about her own sexual experience. she talked to her about her regreats of having sex and the early pregnacy at such a young age even though she did not regret having her son she wished she would have waited a litle bit longer. my wife also talked to our daughter about the word NO meanng if our daughter is pressured into having sex with her boyfriend and she says no to him then be crystal clear with him and don’t let him pressure her. they talked openly about birth control and about the consequences of getting pregnant and dieases like herpes, gental warts and other dieases. hearing our teens talk about being ready to have sex was very stressful and was hard to process. but we found that keeping an open mind and listening was important and we wanted our daughter to be able to feel that she could talk with us . Bobby

————————-Please respond

LaRay Goff

For me I have be fortunate enough to be a parent to a teenager a few times yet the question has only come up with one of my children. My answer for her is save yourself til marriage if you can because you’re not missing out on anything but, if you can’t then there is no perfect time to know because in a persons life span their be several the ones. I tell all my children please allow me the honor to be the first to know that you’re sexually active that way I can put you on birth control for my girls and condoms for my boys. I also talk openly and listen without prejudice to my children. I share some of my own experiences and remind them that I’m not perfect so I don’t expect them to be. I do however expect for them to be smart!


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