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Answer the 2 discussion questions. | Get Quick Solution
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(300 words)

1.) How important do you think OCBs are at work? Do you believe that it is worth hiring/keeping a jerk who is an absolute genius? Why/why not?

(500 words)

2.) Are you happy with what is currently going on in your life? Why? Why not? Envisioning your ideal future, what are a few major achievements you will fulfill? What are your honest thoughts about and past experiences with meditation? (I 100% promise I would never make a negative judgment based on your response). Why do you think you feel this way? Do you believe you are in control of your life? Why is this?

What is your favorite and least favorite parts of Search Inside Yourself so far. Be specific (as in include page numbers, etc.) What do you think is the connection between Search Inside Yourself and Intercultural Communication Competence?

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