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Answer the following questions. | Get Quick Solution
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Question 1A) : 500 words minimum for both parts together. A & B.

What are your overall thoughts of Saba Safdar’s TED Talk? Where do your views of culture come from? How do you know this? Think honestly and deeply about this question. What are a few of the reasons why foreigners view the culture of the United States differently than those born and raised within the United States?

For these next two questions, you will need to conduct additional research to find the answers. Be sure to cite your sources (include these references at the end of your document).

Question 1B:

What does individualism vs. collectivism mean? And, where does the United States rank on this cultural dimension? What are the pros and cons of individualism for the culture of the United States?

Question 2) : 300 words minimum

If you have had experience giving performance feedback to another person, how did that go for you? Do you have advice you can share with others about your experience?


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