answer the ques for an essay outline (select one of the provided topics) | Get Quick Solution

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answer the ques for an essay outline (select one of the provided topics) | Get Quick Solution
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1) Please state the food-related problem you want to focus on in your essay (Examples: food waste, food deserts, food Insecurity, lack of food education (teaching families to purchase and cook real food, lifestyle disease crisis due to poor diet, etc.), climate change’s negative impact on agricultural areas, conventional farming & its connection to rising C02 levels and global warming, etc.

2) Tell me more about the problem you have chosen to focus on. List at least two sources (in MLA format) you plan on citing in your paper to help the reader understand the severity of the crisis and why they should care about it.

Source 1:

Source 2:

3) Why should we care about your topic?

4) Who or what does this problem affect? [You should feel comfortable with talking about who is affected thanks to Essay 4!]

5) If changes are not implemented, what are the predicted results? What can implementing changes do to help alleviate the problem?

6) Provide two source/s to cite that posit positive and feasible solutions to your chosen problem.

Source 1:

Source 2:

7) How might this problem be solved?

a) There might be more than one solution—please consider them all, then decide which might be the best one. This will become the basis for your thesis statement, your opinion about what specifically should be done to work toward solving your chosen food problem. Share solutions here.

b) State your tentative thesis statement based on your research on how this problem is currently being solved or how it might be solved in the future.

8) Please ask questions here:


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