Answer those 3 questions (about 50 words each) | Get Quick Solution

I don’t know how to handle this Philosophy question and need guidance.

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Answer those 3 questions (about 50 words each) | Get Quick Solution
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write 50 words for each question. TOTAL 150 words

I need an explanation for this Philosophy question to help me study.

Some questions are answerable quickly and easily through basic observation, such as: “Is the dog outside right now?” (We answer this with simple observations.) Some questions are answered scientifically, such as: “What medical treatments and techniques are best for helping patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis?” (We answer this by turning to medical science and its latest therapies for this autoimmune disease.) Consider the following three statements:

1) Why is there something rather than nothing?

2) If God exists and is all knowing and all powerful, then could He make a monster that He could not control?

3) In what does my personal identity consist? My body? My soul? The psychological connectedness of my memories, perceptions, and experiences over time.

What makes these three questions philosophical, rather than simple observations or matters of pure science?


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