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answer with at least 150 | Get Quick Solution
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Now, let’s step in front of the Missouri Supreme Court (Links to an external site.) building, with the motto inscribed on its edifice (Links to an external site.), “THE LAW IT HAS HONORED US MAY WE HONOR IT,” and let us consider that court’s significance, as we read about it, and about other Missouri courts, in Chapter 5 of Fulton and Brekke. Let’s start with that motto inscribed on the very building in which the court meets. What is meant by such inscriptions? That question was answered thus by then-Missouri Chief Justice Michael A. Woolf, in a column in 2006 The Courts’ Ideals Are Carved in Stone.pdf

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Read Justice Woolf’s little column with care. What key principles are literally carved in stone at the Missouri Supreme Court building, and why?

Now, consider the famous “Missouri Plan,” for which the state is known, which has been designed to ensure that Missouri has competent, able judges. What do you make of this system? Is it effective? Watch the below, and give your analyses.

Finally, let’s go inside the Missouri Supreme Court building and sit (virtually) for just a few minutes to hear and watch a case being argued in 2015, Greer v. Sysco Food Services. Watch at least 2 or 3 minutes of the below (more if you wish) and give your reactions here. With what degree of care does the court seem to you to be doing its work here?


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