Answering theory questions and application | Get Quick Solution

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Answering theory questions and application | Get Quick Solution
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Please answer Tolstoy questions in one paragraph , and answer the application in another paragraph. Please use only the assigned reading. You dont have to cite.

Tolstoy Questions

Tolstoy states that each person’s goal should be to work towards the “establishment of the kingdom of God in the world.”

First, explain one (1) of the three points that he says Christianity makes about each person’s life, as well as one (1) of the reasons why your own life is not “yours.”

Second, explain how Rome changed what Tolstoy sees as Christianity’s message and what the impact of this change is.

Third, explain the “objection of the robber,” as well as one (1) of Tolstoy’s refutations of this objection.

Fourth, argue that Tolstoy’s refution is correct or incorrect, and why or why not.

Tolstoy Application

First, identify a contemporary social or political event that you will apply Tolstoy’s theory to. Please choose a different event than the one you chose to discuss Thoreau.

Second, explain one group or individual involved in that event from the point of view of your previously discussed point about what Christianity says about each person’s life, as well as the reason why your life is not “yours.”

Third, based on Tolstoy’s refutation of the objection of the robber, argue that that group or individual is or is not living up to their duty of nonresistance, and why or why not.

Fourth, argue for or against your argument in part 3; should that group or individual act in the way that Tolstoy would suggest, and why or why not?

Assigned Reading

Please read the following text by Tolstoy:

The above links take you to a free edition of this text at Any other version of the text is acceptable.


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